I recently saw Hilda a new Animated series on Netflix and an adaptation of Luke Pearson’s graphic novel series with the same name.

Cover of Hilda the graphic novel

It has made me think about the stylistic changes that look place in adapting the Graphic Novel characters into animatable ones. Bolder lines, a simpler shape based structure and more dynamic drawings, have all lended help in making a successful adaptation.

Main Character of Hilda the Netflix series

At the same time keeping the colour palette largely the same and the idea behind the characters, story and artwork have helped ground the series in the work it is derived from.

Similarly, I am hoping the adapt the original Patachitra art style I have been inspired from for my English National Opera idea into a form that is animatable but still true to its source. I am also hoping to be able to safely tread the line between adaptation and appropriation.

Patachitra Workshop Results
ENO Pitch Illustration

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