Great Expectations, Great Responsibilities

I’ve just found out I’ve been selected that my pitch to the English National Opera has been selected! While I’m waiting to find out who my teammates are I’m thinking about what skills I need on my team. Given that the idea has a very specific style. I am hoping I’m assigned to teammates with these skills. I want to be able to incorporate ideas from my group and make the project an engaging process for them and one that they can learn from. I also want to avoid creating a hierarchical group structure because these are my peers who know as much as I do about animation, and so I hope I can learn something from them. I am very worried about the responsibility of being affecting more than my own grade.

The idea I’ve pitched is about two tigers escaping a flood. This came together as a confluence of various ideas. It mostly comes from experience in my childhood. I’ve spent a lot of time when I was young traveling around with my father to remote forests in India.

Image from my ENO pitch

Having spent many nights camping out on machans with my father, he would tell me stories about Tigers and Wolves and leopards. One on my favorite stories was about a Tigress who saves her cubs from a flood in Dudhwa National Park. A favorite book from my childhood is ‘Tara A Tigress’ by Billy Arjan Singh about a Tigress Arjan Singh hand reared.

I hope I am able to do the idea justice.

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